Themes + Templates


Our templates are just a starting point-- a foundation. We customize the templates to fit your business.

Sometime, it is difficult to picture your business online.

Here are a few examples of common industry websites to help you picture your business online.


A simple, straight forward design. This style shows your customers that you are all about providing quality service at a good price.

This is a design suitable for plumbers, electricians, and contractors.


Our Big Photo style is a good choice for restaurants and hotels where one wants to give the visitor an idea of the experience while providing the visitor with the information they need.

Home Exterior Services

While the contractor style is good for contractors dealing with the internals of a structure, the CoPro template is a good fit for roofing and siding businesses-- businesses that deal with the exterior of a customer's residence or business.

Big Photo


Real Estate


Left Menu



The content on your website is the most important part. A website without text or images is not much of a website. The more content you can provide, the better your website will turn out.

You will want to determine how much information your visitors need to know about your product before they convert into customers.
Your goal when developing content for your website is to reduce any fear, uncertainty, and doubt customers might have.
When customers call or stop by the shop, they are ready to buy.

A few questions you can answer include:

How Do I Submit Changes to My Site?

Sometimes you will need add a few photos or change an item or two on your website. The easiest way to do this is to visit our helpdesk. Just tell us the page you want changed and include all of the information (e.g. attach photos) you want added. You can also call us at 1-309-686-8099.


Color Hexa is a resource we use to choose colors. You can find the perfect color for your business's website.


Your website is only as good as your photography.

It is easy for us to resize an image if it is too large. The larger the better.
On the other hand, it is impossible to increase the size of an image without a loss in quality.


Common pages include Home, Gallery, Contact, About Us, Testimony, Pricing, Vision, Mission, and Restaurant Menu.
Common page sections include Address, Business Hours, Contact form, Phone, and Social Media.